Colin Burn
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Pearl Royale Chess Set

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Name - Pearl Royale Chess Set

Collection - Pearl Royale

Exhibition - On permanent exhibition by appointment ACCA Gallery 468 North Camden Drive, 2nd Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

Materials -  18K solid white gold, 513 carats of fine white diamonds, South Sea pearls and AAA Ceylon Blue sapphires.  

Details - (Limited Edition 3 Only)  Crafted in solid 18K white gold and pave’ set with more than 510 carats of fine diamonds, the Pearl Royale stands as the world’s most opulent chess set ever created. This unique and lavish chess set radiates pure opulence through the finest quality materials, design and workmanship. Hand crafted with a luxurious regal feel the Pearl Royale is symbolic in its design to the renown 1849 Staunton standard chess set. Limited-Edition with only three sets created, each being hallmarked, numbered and authorized by the artist.


Each solid 18K white gold chess piece is painstakingly pave’ set with the highest quality fine diamonds, AAA South Sea pearls and Ceylon Blue sapphires, sitting atop a crystal glass board embellished with solid 18K white gold, pearl and diamond set corners. The underside of each piece is intricately designed and channel set with the same quality fine diamonds and finished with smooth polished edges to glide effortlessly across the crystal glass board. Crafted as part of the artists Limited-Edition Pearl Royale contemporary art collection, this truly unique chess set is sure to be realized as one of the world’s finest jewelry art works ever created.

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Artists Inspiration - As a young child I regularly played chess with my cousins so my parents gave me a beautiful Staunton chess set which I really loved. Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s my generation was exposed to Hollywood movies of epic battles and it was popular for us kids to have collections of toy soldiers which made chess a popular game as it embodied the same spirit and challenge, we saw in these epic battles. Thinking back on those fun times I was always drawn to the idea of creating the world’s most beautiful chess set and in 2008 I finally put pen to paper to commence the design. At the time I was doing a lot of creative work with beautiful South Sea pearls, so they became the inspiration within my design to embody the heads of each piece and bring life to the characters. It was perfect as I could use both black and white pearls to define each side of the chess set. It was also important for my design to be Staunton inspired as this became the standard for chess sets since 1849 and the only chess sets allowed in world championships. I wanted to create the most beautiful chess set within this royal standard and it had to be dressed in all its regalia with the world's most beautiful diamonds and rich blue sapphires fit for a king and queen. My overall dream was to create the world’s finest chess set for the world’s greatest players to do battle! Colin Burn














Jewelry artworks come with a limited edition certificate of authenticity from the artist and official GIA diamond certification where applicable.