Colin Burn


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Exhibition - Treasure the Erotic ACCA GALLERY Beverly Hills and Miami

 Archaeologists discovered the oldest known sexual implement to be more than twenty eight thousand years old, demonstrating the desire for erotic objects has been with humankind since our humble beginnings.  Through centuries, across continents and cultures, erotic objects of pleasure have been artistically crafted using a wide variety of materials and methods. Treasure the Erotic shares fine jewelry artist Colin Burn’s contemporary view into this age old form of erotic art through his provocative and lavish collectives, designed to emphasize value in sexuality and to celebrate humankind’s desire for erotic objects. Treasure the Erotic features a variety of works from the artists Olisbos and Seeds of Existence collections, each piece being influenced by society, culture and human practice.


Photography by Aaron Mcpolin & Chris Benson all rights reserved.