Colin Burn


b. 1986, HK.

Jewelry Artist Colin Burn

Jewelry Artist Colin Burn

Artist Summary

Colin Burn was born in Australia in 1963.  He commenced his working career as an apprentice electroplater in Perth Western Australia.  While perfecting his trade skills working with precious metals his love of alchemy began.  After graduating he moved to Sydney to work with a leading Australian jewelry firm in their silverware division.  In 1985 he founded his first jewelry company creating real alchemy by turning natural objects into gold with his invention of a unique and secretive forming process.  His creative jewelry works received recognition and support from the Australian and Japanese governments as well a key sporting groups helping him forge a successful career servicing an audience of appreciative clients.  In 2004 Colin turned his skills to creating erotic jewelry art capturing highly emotive elements within his unique designs.  Having spent a great deal of time in Japan and Asia his works are often influenced from real life experience and observation of these exotic cultures.  His erotic jewelry pieces are avant guard experiments of surrealism, taking a provocative subject matter to abstract and luxurious levels never before seen.  Colin believes jewelry and art share a unique bond by having meaningful impact on people lives through emotion, he states “while it could be argued that no one really needs jewelry or art it’s our emotions that tell us otherwise”

Having enjoyed and experienced a comprehensive career across many areas of jewelry making Colin is now solely focused on creating his unique brand of jewelry art for contemporary art collectors.  He has set a standard to never produce more than ten of any individual jewelry art piece in his limited edition collections with some of his items limited to only one making his unique jewelry art a valuable investment.